Students learn what makes a tantalizing thesis, research tips to prep for finals


Students got inside advice on how to form a thesis and conduct research as led by the Reading and Writing Center tutors in the Organizing and Researching Workshop on Nov. 27.


Reseachers: Violent video games increase agression

Research has shown that more aggressive people are more prone to be more aggressive after playing violent video games. However, researchers have also found even some exposure changes people's behavior.

Video games harmful or helpful? The jury is still out on this one

Video games are men’s guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure, and women’s worst nightmare.
David Richardson, a senior majoring in psychology from Arizona, said, “I used to play video games. Then I got married.”

Psych student researchers study share their findings

Psychology professors Dr. Ron Miller and Dr. Boyd Timothy presided on Dec. 11 over 16 junior and senior psychology majors who presented the scope of their studies and the ramifications these findings had on understanding the larger BYUH population.

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