BYU-Hawaii men's soccer team ties 2-2 to Hawaii Pacific University

The Seasiders men’s soccer team’s first regular season match resulted in a 2-2 draw at the BYU-Hawaii soccer fields on Saturday against island rival Hawaii Pacific University. “The boy’s play was fabulous,” said Coach Dan Dummar. “They were great.

Men's soccer team welcomes new European players to the team

Dan Dummar, head coach of the BYU-Hawaii soccer teams, said he had Europe in his sights when recruiting this season’s men’s soccer team. “I have some contacts over in Europe, and I know the level of soccer they play over there,” Dummar said. “I know what I’m getting when I recruit.”

New BYU-Hawaii talk show Buzzerbeater highlights sporting events and athletes

Buzzerbeater, BYU-Hawaii’s new sports talk show, was “put together on a whim,” according to Myck Miller, a senior from Washington D.C. studying communications.

Ultimate Frisbee gained popularity at BYUH

A new intramural sport for BYU-Hawaii, Ultimate Frisbee carries a long international history. According to the World Flying Disc Federation website, Joel Silver proposed his idea of Ultimate Frisbee in 1968 to a high school student council in Maplewood, New Jersey.

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