Seasider soccer teams reworked, new head coach hosts shorter training sessions

To prepare for a potential mission in the 2030s, researchers studied six people living like astronauts in a dome on top of a volcano in Hawaii. The goal was to reveal what it would be like to send astronauts to Mars and to study the effects on the human mind.

Lady Seasiders win first game of the season against Hawaii Pacific University

The Lady Seasiders soccer team played to a draw with rival Hawaii Pacific University in a 1-1 tie on Saturday, Sept. 10. “We outshot them on goal twice as many. We’ve really worked on some things this week and it really showed today,” said Dan Dummar, head coach of the women’s soccer team.

BYU-Hawaii men's soccer team ties 2-2 to Hawaii Pacific University

The Seasiders men’s soccer team’s first regular season match resulted in a 2-2 draw at the BYU-Hawaii soccer fields on Saturday against island rival Hawaii Pacific University. “The boy’s play was fabulous,” said Coach Dan Dummar. “They were great.

Men's soccer team welcomes new European players to the team

Dan Dummar, head coach of the BYU-Hawaii soccer teams, said he had Europe in his sights when recruiting this season’s men’s soccer team. “I have some contacts over in Europe, and I know the level of soccer they play over there,” Dummar said. “I know what I’m getting when I recruit.”

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