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Sis. Tanner advises students to expect miracles in the first devotional of the Fall 2018 semester

“The day of miracles has not ceased. This is the era of miracles in these latter-days. Expect them, recognize them, appreciate them,” said Sister Susan Tanner, wife of BYU-Hawaii President John Tanner, in the first devotional of Fall 2018 on Sep 11.

Block Party caters to a diverse student body with multiple music genres

Students and DJ’s loved the multi-themed dance that kicked off the beginning of the fall semester on Sept. 7 because they believed it brought cultures together and was simple.

Through stability and authenticity, Anela Benavides flourishes her photography

In just 14 months, Anela Benavides, a junior from Oahu majoring in business management, said she has developed her rapidly growing photography business.

Faculty and staff gather in annual Ohana meeting to begin a new school year

To start off the new school year, John S. Tanner, president of BYU-Hawaii, shared with the university’s faculty and staff the message that “all may be edified of all” (D&C 88:122) at the Ohana Meeting on Aug. 31.

Hawaii passes ban on sunscreens harming coral reefs

Popular sunscreen brands such as Hawaiian Tropic, Coppertone, and Banana Boat currently use sunscreen formulas that contain chemicals harmful to coral reefs and other marine life, says Hawaii legislators. On July 2, 2018, Hawaii Gov.

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