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Miniaturized Culture Night posters inspire Pokémon-like trading card game

Inspired by the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the Student Leadership, Activities, and Service Center (SLAS) has released 21 cards representing the different student associations participating in Culture Night for BYU-Hawaii students and community to collect in order to win prizes.

Students share what they respect and want to change in their cultures

BYU-Hawaii students shared their feelings about what they respect about their home countries’ cultures and what changes they wish to see within them.


Welly Seupule, a senior graphic design major from Samoa

Couple marries after both serve missions, husband overcomes fear and doubt to propose

Herbert Ishibashi, a junior studying elementary education from the Big Island, and Jazmine Ishibashi, a biology freshman from New York, said despite challenges, they are ready to take the next step in their relationship towards marriage.

I-WORK staff say program has created international leaders like stake presidents and business owners

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid James Faustino said the I-WORK program plays a necessary role in the ability for hundreds of BYU-Hawaii students to further their education.

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