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Patience and practice are important in conversation, according to TESOL students


As part of their Evening English Exchange, TESOL majors hosted a program on Nov. 7 called “The Art of Conversation” to improve non-native speakers’ conversational skills, as well as allow the students to practice their teaching.

BYU–Hawaii orchestra share the importance music plays in spiritual journeys


The BYU–Hawaii Orchestra is responsible for playing the music at many of the devotionals and events on campus, often in in front of hundreds of students. Members of the orchestra agreed they aim to add an element of spirituality in what they play.

Nontraditional lawyering helps to become community advocate


To build a prospective law student for community advocacy, you need to focus your purpose, proactively prepare, and keep perspective in paradigm shifts explained Feki Pouha, BYU–Hawaii Office of Honor manager.

Winnie and Morris Graham share tips to help missionaries prepare mentally for life in mission field


Winne and Morris Graham, assisted by President John S. Tanner, led a discussion on how to help missionaries prepare for and adjust to life in the mission field at the BYU–Hawaii Women’s Organization Luncheon on Nov. 8 at the Aloha Center Ballroom.

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