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The only student from Kazakhstan shares how gospel and peers brought her to BYU–Hawaii


Following the footsteps of her brother, who graduated seven years ago from BYU–Hawaii, Sabina Imangaziyeva, born in Almatinskaya, Oblast, Kazakhstan, said she packed up her bags and came to Hawaii to gain her education.

Financial Aid counselor assists students and learns from them too


Treating the students as if they were her own children, Jocelyn Lopez, a Financial Aid counselor, is able to share her light and love to those around her through her dedication and service to the community and students.

Homeless should be seen as normal humans instead of being judged, according to student volunteers


Without forming an official BYU-Hawaii club, Bryce Coleman, a senior from Arizona majoring in intercultural peacebuilding, said he joins students together in a group called Everyone is Ohana to volunteer and reach out to homeless people in Hawaii.

The Student Service Center says Ho’omana organized every semester with purpose of inviting others to serve community


Ho’omana Day provides students with an opportunity to be a part of something bigger and more meaningful, said BYU–Hawaii students. As they dedicated a day to service, volunteers said they felt the desire to do more to help those around them.           

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