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2 Days of Dancing and carnival fun

The first and second BYU-Hawaii Young Single Adult stakes hosted a two-day dance and carnival from Friday to Saturday, Feb. 22-23, in the Cannon Activities Center.

Q & A Regarding Facebook + Honor Code

With more than a billion monthly active users on Facebook, according to the Facebook official website, lately there are rumors that the Office of Honor is investigating students’ Facebook pages. Regarding to the rumors, Michael A.

An Inside Opinion: Playing the Campaign Game

Five Days. 120 hours. Eight candidates. One campaign. Behind the smiling posters and free food, campaigning was a prime example of survival of the fittest: may the most popular candidate win.

Student surfers share surfing language

Some students at BYU-Hawaii do not understand the language of surfing. Since we live in the Mecca for surfers, it may be helpful to know some of the vocabulary used in the sport of surfing.

Sexual Violence Awareness Week: Your story deserves to be heard

BYU-Hawaii students were invited the week of Valentine’s Day to learn about sexual violence.

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