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Love letters help build couple's relationship

From tenant to daughter in-law, BYU-Hawaii student Molly Shields signed a lease on her future husband. The first time Shields met her fiancé, Siotame “Tame” Uluave, was in October 2011.

Dating across cultures on the BYUH campus

Couples roaming campus either keep their lips sealed or divulge every detail about the status of their relationships. BYU-Hawaii students offered their insights on the dating rules, relationships and couple quirks within their cultures.

Chinese New Year: Caf celebrates Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year at the Caf went off without a hitch. Special food, dancing, and singing brought the students together for the celebration of the Year of the Snake.

McKay Lecture 2013: McArthur explores the uncertainty of meaning

BYU-Hawaii students were invited to engage in a “reflexive and philosophical exploration of meaning” with the Dean of the College of Language, Culture and Arts, and an International Cultural Studies Professor Phillip McArthur. His address entitled, “Shadows, Curtains, and a Shiny Canoe . . .

Entrepreneur says in the long run, even a bad partnership can benefit you

Kenneth M.Woolley lectured on the importance of partnership and how showing a good attitude no matter how bad the partner is helps you in the long run. He spoke at the Entrepreneurial Executive Lecture series on Jan. 31 in the McKay Auditorium.

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