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Capitalize on your strengths to offset the stress of college life

Comparing the different strengths and weaknesses of a person’s golf game to the different challenges and strengths of people in college with mental illness, Paul S.

Students walking in footsteps of parents who meet here

Kariza Opeda, a junior majoring in business marketing from Nevada, is carrying on the family tradition as a student attending BYU-Hawaii. Her parents, Gregorio Crisanto Martinez Jr. and Cecile S. Razo, both from the Philippines, met in 1981 while studying as fellow Seasiders.

Working off campus: 3 students talk about their jobs

To make ends meet, three students share why they have ventured out past campus and the Polynesian Cultural Center to find work to fund their educations.

Students give five tips for good job interviews

Getting a job or an internship requires being able to interview well, and here are five tips from BYU-Hawaii students on how to prepare yourself.

Campus Comment: What is your opinion on PDA (Public Displays of Affection)?

“Personally I don’t really care if people do it or not. I think it’s normal when people are in love. But I don’t want to do that with my girlfriend. Something like that I want to keep it private,” said Uuganbaatar Tsogoo, a freshman and business major from Mongolia.

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