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Experiences of a Lifetime: Students travel the globe to teach English and change lives

BYU-Hawaii students said they enriched their lives this summer participating in a range of experiences that took them overseas to interact with people from all walks of life.

BYU Hawaii, a gathering place: International flavor gives students a taste of culture shock

With over 70 countries represented at BYU-Hawaii, students and staff have a unique opportunity to experience various cultures from around the world. BYUH provides a distinctive experience and culture shock is common.

Semester Stress: How to control anxieties of the new semester

With the new semester just around the corner, students are a little wary of the unknown. Students have both things they are looking forward to and a few things they are worried about. BYU-Hawaii students shared their worries and excitement about the coming semester.

'Wipeout': BYU-Hawaii students don’t let stormy weather dampen their spirits

Fall Semester’s opening social, “Wipeout,” held at the Aloha Center Ballroom on Friday, Sept. 9, left BYU-Hawaii students with varying opinions of BYUH’s social scene.

Keeping it cool: Students find creative ways to escape the summer heat

Students returning to school last week faced temperatures in the high 80s leaving many students searching for ways to stay cool in the tropical heat. School has started and the heat is literally on.

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