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iLead missionaries say customer service brings success at entrepreneurial lecture

Finding out the needs of your customer and making them happy are the keys to a successful business, said a couple working at BYU-Hawaii in the iLead program on campus on April 25 in the auditorium for the Entrepreneur Lecture Series.

BYUH honors faculty and staff for their years of service

Those who have attended BYU-Hawaii can share their deep feelings of what a special place this is to attend school and earn an education, the sentiments from the faculty and staff is in no less measure just as powerful.

Campus Comment: It’s Teacher Appreciation Day. Do you have a teacher you appreciate?

Naoki Makise, freshman majoring in TESOL from Japan

Prof. Wolfersberger is fun and he doesn’t give us too much homework. I still feel like we learn a lot, but the class is enjoyable because he keeps the class happy and interested.

BYUH Enactus team going to national competition

The BYU-Hawaii Enactus 2013 team, formerly known as SIFE, has won the regional competition in Seattle and is now heading to the national exposition in May 21-23 in hopes of winning the Enactus World Cup in Mexico. Yet members of the team say, as the Enactus motto says, "We all win."

Inoke Funaki: Psychology professor is preparing to serve couples mission with wife

Serving as a Psychology professor at BYU-Hawaii, Inoke Funaki shared a glimpse into his life as he and his wife prepare to serve a couple’s mission. Students reflect on Funaki’s character.

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