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'Harlem Shake' craze reaches BYUH

The newest viral hit to infect YouTube, “The Harlem Shake,” has taken the Internet by storm spawning thousands of different versions of the video sensation.

Learning surfer lingo from BYUH surfers

Some students at BYU-Hawaii do not understand the language of surfing. Since we live in the mecca for surfers, it may be helpful to know some of the vocabulary used in the sport of surfing.

PCC President Orgill gives farewell campus devotional address

The Polynesian Cultural Center President and CEO Von Orgill left BYU-Hawaii students with valuable life lessons during his address at the campus devotional on Feb. 5 and especially the blessing of living and acting by faith.

Student share how to survive long flights

Having traveled great distances to attend school, serve missions, or explore abroad, BYU-Hawaii students offer their best advice to potential world travelers. While flying long distances in economy class can seem like a drag, students with first-hand experience gave their tips for survival.

BYUH surfers share experiences of breaking boards

Broken and buckled surfboards are all common sight on the North Shore during the winter surf season. Almost every surfer that has the skill and mental gearing to charge the large waves that the North Shore offers has experienced breaking a board.

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