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BYU-Hawaii alumnus to run new recruiting office in Japan: Kurokawa prepares the future of BYUH

With a mission to improve university publicity and increase admissions, a new BYU-Hawaii pilot program is going to be launched in Japan this year.

Shake for the Quake: Summer dance raises funds for China earthquake relief

BYU-Hawaii students dance the night away for a good cause. “All money collected on entrance fees will be donated to the 2013 Earthquake Relief Funds for Sichuan, China” said Claire Yuan a freshman undeclared and a member of Chinese chapter club from Canada.

Forging a Family of Faith: Through thick and thin, Goh has learned the importance of family

Juneffer Sabashan Goh said the first time she met her husband, Ian Martin Idang, was at a LDS Church service in Malaysia when he was an investigator and he surprisingly asked her for her phone number.

“We Are Samoa:" Competition celebrates Samoan culture

Radford High School students won the 21st annual “We Are Samoa” competition that was held at the Polynesian Cultural Center on May 11.

Tahitian Club performs at Honolulu dance competition

BYU-Hawaii Tahitian Club was chosen to perform for the Honolulu I Heiva Tahitian dance competition. The competition took place in the Waikiki Shell, an outside stage that had an audience of couple thousand people.

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