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Closing keynote speakers: Overcoming the Storms of Life Through Following Christ’s Teachings

Closing keynote speakers, W.A. Christensen along with his wife, Sherry, spoke on weathering the storms of life in their presentation which was a compilation of people and their personal struggles they deal with day to day.

Lecturer counsels on finding true beauty through spiritual mirrors

Owen Matsunaga, one of the speakers at the Education Week conference on June 14, stressed the importance of staying in shape spiritually by reflecting ourselves to spiritual mirrors that can help us return to Heavenly Father.

Lecturer says ‘Addiction is a disease, a disease of choice’

Richard Himmer and his wife Sherry, speakers in the Education Week conference, addressed an audience of 20 people about addiction and how to best overcome it in the Little Theater on June 15. The theme of his topic was entitled “Learning Happiness using the Atonement.”

Presenter teaches to ‘Wear the armor of God’

In a twist on the scripture, “Put on the whole armor of God,” Jack Marshall addressed his remarks, “Wear the armor of God, not the sweats of your religion. Stand strong and be powerful.”

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