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Single students take a stab at speed dating

Lines of single students appeared in the Aloha Center to try their luck at speed dating Tuesday night not long before Valentine’s Day. BYUHSA social activities organized the event, which included free pizza and $200 worth of prizes.

Students say they shop for clothes where it’s inexpensive but still stylish

With few retail options in Laie, BYU-Hawaii students said they look elsewhere to find affordable and fashionable clothing.

Hipsters style is popular in Provo while in Hawaii it’s kicked back and casual

Differences between the Provo and Hawaii campuses extend further than just university size and diversity, but in how students dress. The hang-loose sign is part of the Hawaiian culture and ties directly to the laid-back style of the Aloha State.

Preschool children can learn English for free

English Language Teaching and Learning at BYU-Hawaii is sponsoring a free program to teach English to children from ages 4 to 5 years old for whom English is their second language.

BYUH men say hairstyles reflect who they are within Honor Code guidelines

Male students at BYU-Hawaii said they look to find creative ways to use their hairstyles to tell who they are and what they represent within the university Honor Code.

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