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Dr. Barton explores alternate worlds

Susan Dale Barton, a professor of Mathematics, spoke about the relationship between mankind’s knowledge and truth at the annual David O. McKay lecture on Thursday, Feb. 13.

Understanding Pidgin mo bettah

Pidgin is the unofficial third language of Hawaii, and according to, is a creation of Hawaii’s early contact with foreigners. Immigrants came from various countries to the Hawaiian islands to work on the sugar and pineapple plantations.

A whole new perspective from 14,000 feet

Hawaii can be explored by land and sea, but exploring it by sky adds a different perspective. Skydiving gives the North Shore a new look for people on a one-time adrenaline rush, or those who make a hobby out of falling from the sky.

The Hub: Revamped game center opens doors

Freshly painted walls, shiny floors and hot food are all part of The Hub, BYU-Hawaii’s new attraction, which was formerly knows as the Game Center.

Students reconnect with childhood love of climbing trees

BYU-Hawaii students are rediscovering their childhood love of tree climbing. These adventurous students have emerged from the forests to tell their stories.

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