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Entrepreneurs and students pitch business ideas at conference

The Great Ideas Conference gave BYU-Hawaii students a chance to showcase business and technical skills by presenting their ideas during three days of activities in mid-November. Several students won cash prizes for their ideas’ usefulness, viability, and long-term survivability.

When Caught in the Rain: BYUH students share favorite rainy day pastimes

As the rainy season swiftly approaches, the time has come for BYU-Hawaii students to start thinking about ways to entertain themselves when stuck indoors during the frequent winter downpours. Students throughout campus have different ideas of what they like to do during the wet Hawaiian winter.

Elder Neil Anderson to speak at graduation

General Conference is a biannual highlight in the year when members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have the opportunity to hear from prophets and apostles.

Protocol Institute prepares students for jobs, changes lives, students say

Despite the pouring rain, the International Institute of Professional Protocol, had a turn out of more than 600 students, who gathered to participate and learn soft business skills.

At Christmastime, students say, even bad experiences can be turned into good

Christmas is the season to make memories–both good ones and bad ones. But students say even bad moments can be turned around into good or funny memories that become ingrained in their minds forever.

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