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Tahitian Club performs at Honolulu dance competition

BYU-Hawaii Tahitian Club was chosen to perform for the Honolulu I Heiva Tahitian dance competition. The competition took place in the Waikiki Shell, an outside stage that had an audience of couple thousand people.

Hale Aloha PCC luau under rennovation

The Polynesian Culture Center Hale Aloha is undergoing a renovation in preparation for its 50th anniversary.

Hale Aloha was one of the oldest buildings at PCC, which was constructed in 1963. It used to be the night show’s main venue before the Pacific Theater was built.

Willes talks about becoming a better Zion community

Mark H. Willes, former Honolulu Hawaii Mission President, and his wife Laura Willes, joined students and faculty on Tuesday, March 22 devotional, to give advice on what it means to be a ‘Zion Community’.

Shaka Steel performs improv, with halau

The sounds of the Caribbean filled the auditorium, though it was not the voice of Bob Marley, but the notes of the band “Shaka Steel,” BYU-Hawaii’s Steel Pan band. Under the direction of Darren Duerden, the concert took place on Friday, March 22.

Copy Center in the library is a hidden treasure

The Copy Center, located in the Joseph F. Smith Library, has been a reliable resource, say students and community members alike, when it comes to putting together spot-on presentations.

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