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Making career connections back at home: Career Services helps students gain contacts and on-the-job knowledge

BYU-Hawaii students from the Philippines, Mongolia, and China went to their countries to meet with executives from big companies and learn what companies are looking for in their employees.

‘Hula Time Machine’: Hula Preservation Society with BYUH Archives show 1980s Hawaiian footage

Hula enthusiasts both young and old gathered at the Polynesian Cultural Center on Saturday, July 20, to see videos and photos of Hawaii’s best entertainers from the 1980s.

Solar Heated Swimming Pool: BYUH replaces gas furnace with solar heater to save money and energy

A new solar heater was installed at BYU-Hawaii pool. The newly built technology doesn’t only conserve energy but it also is cost effective, according to school’s Facilities Management Department.

Campus, PCC Black Out: BYU-Hawaii revamps electrical system

Announcements and notices was spread through the whole BYU-Hawaii campus, the Polynesian Cultural Center, TVA and faculty townhouses about the planned blackout starting on June 22 to 23 in the evening.

Les Steward: PCC ohana pays tribute to Steward’s over 40 years of leadership and service

The Polynesian Cultural Center ohana bid aloha o’e and expressed gratitude to Physical Facilities and Maintenance Director Les Steward at his farewell party at the Gateway balcony on June 19. Steward retired after working at PCC for more than 40 years.

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