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How was your first week of school?

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Ephraim Manumaleuna,
a freshman studying chemistry from Alaska.
“It was alright. Just trying to adjust back to school life. Homework is a little overwhelming but it’s nothing new. I got this whole school thing on lock so I’m not worried.”

Experiences of a Lifetime: Students travel the globe to teach English and change lives

BYU-Hawaii students said they enriched their lives this summer participating in a range of experiences that took them overseas to interact with people from all walks of life.

BYU Hawaii, a gathering place: International flavor gives students a taste of culture shock

With over 70 countries represented at BYU-Hawaii, students and staff have a unique opportunity to experience various cultures from around the world. BYUH provides a distinctive experience and culture shock is common.

Semester Stress: How to control anxieties of the new semester

With the new semester just around the corner, students are a little wary of the unknown. Students have both things they are looking forward to and a few things they are worried about. BYU-Hawaii students shared their worries and excitement about the coming semester.

'Wipeout': BYU-Hawaii students don’t let stormy weather dampen their spirits

Fall Semester’s opening social, “Wipeout,” held at the Aloha Center Ballroom on Friday, Sept. 9, left BYU-Hawaii students with varying opinions of BYUH’s social scene.

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