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Campus Comment: What is your favorite movie quote?

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Shu Nya, af reshman in accounting from Japan
“To infinity and beyond!” - Toy Story

Gentry Bailey, a sophomore in Spanish education from Kona, Hawaii
“I hate all of the orphans in the whole world.” - Nacho Libre

Students rock the mic; New Game Center stage debuts at Open Mic night

Music blasted from the BYU-Hawaii Game Center on Friday, Oct. 4, when the Music Club hosted an open mic night for its opening social. While some attendants were there to play, people said they were there to support their friends and listen to live music.

Mentoring Midwife: Seminar answers questions of what childbirth doctors fail to explain

Experienced midwife Alison Williams held a maternally themed seminar on Sept. 24 at the campus Stake Center focusing on childbirth. The seminar discussed the topic of childbirth and all of the not-so-disagreeable elements that can come with it.

Miracles in Adoption: God’s hand brings adopted families together for eternity

BYU-Hawaii’s Women’s Organization gathered together for a luncheon at the Aloha Center Ballroom on Thursday, Oct. 3, to socialize, eat and talk about adoption.

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