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Pianist changes major to music to study passion, says graduating from BYUH is beneficial for career

Ayaka Kinjo, a graduating senior from Japan studying piano performance, said switching to be a music major has helped her discover her love for the piano and performing.

Former politician and alumnus Feki Pouha returns to BYUH to lead Office of Honor

The new Office of Honor Manager Feki Pouha, a former Hawaii state representative, said it is an honor to give back and serve BYU-Hawaii. “My family felt strong in serving and giving back,” Pouha said. “Those were things I was taught growing up.

New student association promotes good health practices, supports individual goals

BYU-Hawaii’s Healthy Living Student Association focuses on improving all areas of health and wellness through nutrition, exercise, and awareness.

Day in the life of vocal performance major Kaitlyn Bourne

Kaitlyn Bourne, a senior vocal major from Utah, said she hopes to use music to inspire others and bring people together. “Music is so uplifting. That is why I think we use music so much in the gospel,” she said.

Ryo Funajima says decision to switch to a music major fulfills his mother’s dream

Although his family is not musically-oriented, Ryo Funajima, a graduating senior from Japan studying music, said his mother had “a long-cherished hope” for her children to play musical instruments.

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