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Kula Manu leaving a lasting literary legacy

Students look to win cash prizes up to $100 for submissions to the “Kula Manu,” BYU-Hawaii’s literary journal.

Lost in a virtual world: Technology disconnect from reality

While connecting students to their friends and family in the virtual world, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are disconnecting students from the real world.

Students debates PC vs. Macs

Students at BYU-Hawaii have joined the great Mac vs. PC debate. Facing off in areas such as design, software, and price, students explained their personal preferences when it comes to buying and owing computers.

The DVA XOO: Art club starts ‘zoo’ of creativity

Talents were exhibited at the Visual Arts Department Xoo’s opening social. The DVA Xoo is unlike any club on campus.

Smart vs. Simple: The pros and cons of smart phones

Pros of Smart Phones by Lisa Tuttle

With a smart phone in the palm of your hands, you are connected to the world.

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