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Honolulu named among cleanest U.S. cities and students say they support clean air efforts


Polluted air is all over the United States but six major cities have clean records.           

Honolulu was ranked as being the second cleanest city in America, and BYU-Hawaii students expressed gratitude and solutions to help clean up polluted air.

Celebrating four months of Christmas in the Philippines


Christmas season began on Sept. 1 and extends to Christmas day for Filipino students of BYU-Hawaii and returned missionaries who have served missions in Philippines. Special foods, gatherings and traditions are shared throughout the country.

Indonesian students say the Church continues to offers help to those affected by the disasters

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Sulawesi, a major island in central Indonesia, on Sept. 28, triggering a tsunami with waves of 20 feet to hit eastern Sulawesi at 497 mph.

Korean-style Thanksgiving: BYU-Hawaii Korean students share how they celebrate Chuseok

Chuseok, also known as Korea’s Thanksgiving Day, had families gathering from all over the world to celebrate the three-day holiday this year. Families reunited to give thanks to their ancestors and eat together while sharing stories as a way of catching up with one another.

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