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Indonesian students say the Church continues to offers help to those affected by the disasters

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Sulawesi, a major island in central Indonesia, on Sept. 28, triggering a tsunami with waves of 20 feet to hit eastern Sulawesi at 497 mph.

Korean-style Thanksgiving: BYU-Hawaii Korean students share how they celebrate Chuseok

Chuseok, also known as Korea’s Thanksgiving Day, had families gathering from all over the world to celebrate the three-day holiday this year. Families reunited to give thanks to their ancestors and eat together while sharing stories as a way of catching up with one another.

Southeast Asian students react to Category 4 typhoon that left destruction in its wake

BYU-Hawaii students from the islands of Hong Kong and the Philippines braced for the news about their homelands as Typhoon Ompong raged cross the Pacific. The Philippines took most of the brunt of the storm when the typhoon hit on Sept. 15 as it headed straight to Hong Kong.

With Typhoon Trami gone, Typhoon Kong-rey heads toward Japan

Typhoons aren't cause for alarm, according to Japanese students attending BYU-Hawaii. Japan experiences typhoon season during the summer and early-autumn months.

BYU-Hawaii students show appreciation for outer space

The hunt for Planet X leads scientists to find 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter stirring excitement in the scientific community and at BYU-Hawaii. Students look into the cosmos and contemplate what other mysteries await discovery.

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