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Study Abroad: Students have the opportunity to study around the world

Students who are considering studying abroad and expanding their horizons have a unique opportunity to do so during their college years.

Students surprised people pay to have the thrill of being kidnapped

When other extreme sports like bungee jumping, skydiving, and rock-climbing has lost its excitement for thrill-seeking individuals, they could turn to a more extreme sport like designer kidnapping, according to an article on MailOnline.

Mother says child was abandoned; court debating the issue of custody

Honolulu police say a woman who claimed she found an abandoned baby on Sandy Beach on April 28, was the baby’s mother. The state Family Court will decide whether or not the child will be returned to the family, says the Associated Press.

Wilcox County teens take a stand against segregation

Students at BYUH agree that the introduction of an integrated prom in Wilcox County, Georgia is a much-needed change. Last month in Wilcox County, students participated in the first integrated prom at Wilcox County High School.

Gun violence raises concerns about safety around nation, in Hawaii

Nationwide shootings have left schools concerned for the safety of their students and looking for ways to prevent future occurrences. One suggestion is to arm teachers, but Hawaii hasn’t taken that step like other places have.

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