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People favor name of new British royal Prince George

Around the United Kingdom, people were buzzing with excitement over the name of the newborn prince, who is born third in line to the throne, reports the BBC News. Some members of the BYU-Hawaii ohana said they liked the name George or Richard for the new baby.

BYUH students, other oppose Arkansas school district's idea to arm teachers

In August it was announced by the Clarksville School District in Arkansas that it was aiming to arm and train 20 volunteer teachers and staff members with 9mm guns they would carry to school each day.

Mr. Money Mustache: Blogger says investments and frugality enable him to retire at 30

A financial advisor and blogger gave advice on how he retired at the age of 30 and still is able to live a comfortable life, in an interview on Yahoo!.

Homelessness in Hawaii: ‘Return to Home’ initiative plans to give homeless one-way tickets off island

Homelessness in Hawaii, particularly in the capital Honolulu, has become a top concern for state officials. To combat this, the Hawaii state government has created an antidote – the “Return to Home” initiative.

NYC man puts baby up for sale on Craigslist for $100; students say alleged joke isn’t funny

In New York City, a man takes to the popular buying and selling website, Craigslist, in late July, to vent his frustrations with his girlfriend by putting their baby up for sale. BYU-Hawaii students said they were disgusted by the whole debacle.

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