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Jolie's preemptive surgery increases health awareness

Angelina Jolie, an Oscar winning actress and very well-known celebrity, underwent a preventive double mastectomy: a complete removal of both of her healthy breasts due to her high risks of breast cancer.

Despite scandals, Obama has 50 percent approval rating

The economy is recovering, the White House is dealing with multiple controversies, and President Barack Obama appears generally unaffected either way.

Volcano erupts in Philippines, 5 hikers killed, 8 injured

One of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines erupted and killed five hikers and injured eight more on May 7. BYU-Hawaii is home to more than 50 Filipino students and even more Filipino community members, so this news has hit home to people in Laie.

Whistle blower leaves US, reveals secrets

The former CIA employee who leaked top-secret information about U.S. surveillance programs said in a new interview in Hong Kong on Wednesday, June 12, that he is not attempting to hide from justice here but hopes to use the city as a base to reveal wrongdoing.

Young journalist accused of selling access codes to Tribune Co. sites

A 26-year-old journalist denied any involvement, when he was charged with giving away the login and password for the Los Angeles Times newspaper’s computer system to a hacker after being fired, reports AP.

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