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Oklahoma killer tornado claims 24 lives

The search for survivors and the dead is nearly complete in the Oklahoma City suburb that was smashed by a mammoth tornado, the fire chief said on May 21.

Limo fire kills 5: bride-to-be lost in tragic accident

In a tragic turn of events, a bride-to-be and four others died in a stretch limousine that caught on fire in San Mateo, Calif. on May 6.

Reporter writers book with iphone after being diagnosed with muscle disease

While some BYU-Hawaii students use their iPhone to communicate with friends and loved ones, a dying U.S. reporter, Susan Spencer-Wendel, used her iPhone to communicate with the world her life story of struggling with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

18-year-old Ohio man get three life sentences for murders

An 18-year-old Ohio man has been given three life sentences in the murder of three Chardon Ohio high school students.

Chavez’ death sparks questions of Venezuela’s future

The death of Hugo Chavez creates mixed reactions as the door opens to possible changes in Venezuela’s future.

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