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Canadian Police intercept a terror plot to derail a train

Two men who have been accused in planning to derail a passenger train have been arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, authorities said on April 24. Canadian police have confirmed the plot has been linked to Al Qaeda.

Doctors warns against pranks like ‘Cinnamon Challenge’

On a Friday night with nothing to do, what could be more fun than videotaping a friend’s attempting to swallow a heaping spoonful of straight cinnamon?

‘I’m a Mormon’: Advertising campaign hits UK, Ireland

New media campaign in United Kingdom and Ireland causes fellow Mormons, both at BYU-Hawaii and abroad, to rejoice.

Teen’s death motivates students to create ‘black boxes’ for people

Inspired by the death of Trayvon Martin, four undergraduate engineering students created a black box for humans, which could serve as evidence in court, reports Yahoo! News.

Study Abroad: Students have the opportunity to study around the world

Students who are considering studying abroad and expanding their horizons have a unique opportunity to do so during their college years.

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