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Screaming goats go viral on music videos

Animals are known to have extraordinary talents, and this year goats seem to be having their 15 minutes of fame. People are posting videos of goats that scream like humans, and now it has become an Internet sensation.

Hollywood over romanticizes love

Hollywood blockbusters can be misleading in the way love is presented creating unreasonable expectations from significant others.

Critics debate Mrs. Obama's media presence

Michelle Obama has been in the media more and even announced the Oscars for the Best Picture of 2013 on Feb. 23 It was the first time that a First Lady has made an appearance at the Oscars. Critics think she is getting too much attention.

TSA abandons relaxation of security restrictions

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) became very strict after the 9/11 attacks, about “threat” items taken onto airplanes as carry-on items. However, TSA was considered in March making changes to allow small knives and some previously prohibited sports equipment onto airplanes.

Gun control laws stall in Congress despite Obama asking for reform

Gun control debates have been taking place in Washington D.C. in early 2013 due to shootings that have taken place throughout the country. There are varying viewpoints coming from conservatives and liberals.

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