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New U.S. Sec. of State Kerry says Americans have the right to be stupid

Secretary of State John Kerry said Americans have the “right to be stupid” in a speech given to a group of German students on Feb. 1 as part of his first official international tour since being installed into office.

Utah liquor laws require drinks to be prepared out of sight of customers

Lawmakers in Utah were considering changing the strict requirements of their liquor laws, for which they are famous, to encourage new businesses. But in March, the Utah Senate refused to pass the repeal and tabled the issue until next year, says the Salt Lake Tribune.

Former Senator Hagel leads U.S. Defense Dept.

Former Senator Chuck Hagel, the new U.S. Defense secretary, took his oath of office on Feb. 27 and gave an introductory speech to Pentagon workers after he won the nomination with the vote of 71-27 in the U.S. Senate after a battle between Republicans and Democrats.

Scandals put White House on the defensive

Under mounting pressure, President Barack Obama on May 15 released a trove of documents related to the Benghazi attack and forced out the top official at the Internal Revenue Service following revelations that the agency targeted conservative political groups.

UK team excites and frustrates soccer fans worldwide; called the NY Yankees of soccer

Manchester’s 20th soccer Premier League title spurred excitement from the club’s fans and induced frustration for its rivals. The signing of Robin van Persie on Aug. 17 proved to be a defining moment for the club as it looked to take the league title before the season began.

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