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Tragedy in India: Bomb blasts hit BYUH student's hometown of Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India, was the target of multiple bomb blasts killing more than 16 people and injuring more than 117. The BYU-Hawaii campus is home to some Hyderabad natives. The bombing occurred Feb. 21 and has become a priority in investigation in the Indian government.

Objectifying Women: The media negatively influence women's idea of beauty

Media advertisements on television seem to give the wrong idea about what beauty means to women, causing women to resort to cosmetic surgery, unhealthy dieting, and low self esteem says researchers.

Guam to air-drop toxic mice to stop spread of invasive snakes

Plans to drop dead mice laced with painkillers over the Guam jungle canopy are in place to cure the headache of the brown tree snake.

Google Glass: The newest mobile technology

Mobile technology has jumped eons over the past 10 years and the newest edition to the mobile tech community is Google Glass. It is a pair of interactive glasses people can wear that works somewhat like a smart phone.

Pathway to Pope: Cardinals gather to elect new leader

With the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic world was thrown into a scramble to elect their next leader according to divine Catholic custom.

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