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Gun control laws stall in Congress despite Obama asking for reform

Gun control debates have been taking place in Washington D.C. in early 2013 due to shootings that have taken place throughout the country. There are varying viewpoints coming from conservatives and liberals.

Mexico reportedly missing thousands of people

An official count shows at least 26,121 people were reported missing in Mexico during the term of President Felipe Calderon, reported the Associated Press in March.

South Korea elects first woman president

Park Geun Hye, the daughter of South Korea's former dictator Park Chung Hee, has made history as the country's first woman president.

New U.S. Sec. of State Kerry says Americans have the right to be stupid

Secretary of State John Kerry said Americans have the “right to be stupid” in a speech given to a group of German students on Feb. 1 as part of his first official international tour since being installed into office.

Utah liquor laws require drinks to be prepared out of sight of customers

Lawmakers in Utah were considering changing the strict requirements of their liquor laws, for which they are famous, to encourage new businesses. But in March, the Utah Senate refused to pass the repeal and tabled the issue until next year, says the Salt Lake Tribune.

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