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Black History Month: At Crossroads of Freedom and Equality

February is Black History Month, when we take the opportunity to remember, learn, celebrate and pay homage to African-American history, culture and heroes.

Events shock nation and BYUH ohana: Former police officer dies after killing spree

One of the largest manhunts in California’s history ended Feb. 12 when Los Angeles ex-police officer Christopher Dorner’s body was identified among charred remains of a burned down cabin in Big Bear Lake, Calif.

Olympic Amputee Suspect in murder case granted bail

Oscar Pistorius, the first double-amputee runner to compete in the Olympics, was suspected of gunning down his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day.

Steven Tyler Act protects celebs

The flocks of media typically swarming the Hawaiian islands for the latest celebrity news will now have to think twice before publishing the latest expose due to a new bill passed by the State Judiciary Committee on Feb. 8.

Words from around the world: Bedtime Stories from Beijing to Brooklyn

Student Taylor Pendleton hopes to draw from the thoughts of people all around the world to compile their feelings and ideas in a book.

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