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Steven Tyler Act protects celebs

The flocks of media typically swarming the Hawaiian islands for the latest celebrity news will now have to think twice before publishing the latest expose due to a new bill passed by the State Judiciary Committee on Feb. 8.

Words from around the world: Bedtime Stories from Beijing to Brooklyn

Student Taylor Pendleton hopes to draw from the thoughts of people all around the world to compile their feelings and ideas in a book.

Catfishing online: Don't get hooked

The popularity of online dating has created a setting for true lovers to unite or embarrassing scams to come to light. BYU-Hawaii students and staff shared their experiences, both good and bad, of online dating and warn people to be cautious while seeking relationships online.

Army generals testify at sex scandal military hearing

Three U.S. Army generals took turns testifying in court on June 4 during the pre-trial hearing of another general at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, reports the AP. Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair was charged with a series of sexual misconduct involving five other women, who were not his wife.

Recycle electronics responsibly; ejunk pollutes other countries, says author

Old computers and electronics are being shipped to developing countries for inexpensive labor to dispose and recycle their parts, says Elizabeth Grossman, in an article on She says these parts contain toxic minerals that are causing environmental hazards and severe health concerns.

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