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Prince Kuhio’s contributions to Hawaii remembered

Kuhio Day is a Hawaii state holiday held every year around March 26, honoring the memory of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana‘ole Pi‘ikoi, one of Hawaii’s most well-known leaders.

The state holiday features week-long festivals and activities that showcase Hawaii’s traditions.

Hawaii State House, Senate working on plans to raise minimum wage

Students may see an increase in the minimum wage in Hawaii if state politicians can agree on one bill. The Hawaii state House and Senate have approved separate proposals to raise the state minimum wage in the last few weeks.

World’s largest captive crocodile dies in the Philippines

The world largest captive saltwater crocodile has died in a Bunawan village in the Philippines. This 50-year-old crocodile, named Logong, was declared dead after being found flipped over with a bloated stomach on Feb. 10.

Students react to North Korean nuclear testing

North Korea carried out an underground nuclear test on Feb.12 shocking the world and neighboring China. Afterward, Beijing declared disappointment toward Pyongyang (the capital of North Korea).

School bus shooting, child kidnapping has students thinking about safety issues

A shooting of a school bus driver in Alabama and the abduction of a 5-year-old boy from the bus by the shooter has BYU-Hawaii students thinking about increasing safety awareness and also the heroic actions of the bus driver who stood up to the kidnapper.

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