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No billboards and putting coins in ears among weird and unusual laws in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to what websites described as “unusual” or “weird” laws such as a ban on billboards, husbands can’t eat their second wife, and companies can’t serve milkshakes with imitation milk.

Make ends meet means buying what you need, not what you want

Having to budget and only spend money on necessities is hard, but the experience of living frugally in expensive Hawaii was worth it because they learned to be creative and do difficult things, said students and alumni.

Hopeful BYUH fans of "Stranger Things" believe second season won't suffer from being a sequel

“Stranger Things” fans at BYU-Hawaii are getting excited for the second season of the Netflix hit show, though concerns about the newest season not being as good as the original have been raised by media reporters and bloggers.

Ukulele classes at BYUH and PCC fuse Hawaiian culture with learning the instrument

 BYU-Hawaii and the Polynesian Culture Center offer ukulele classes that not only teach students how to play, but also encourages students to learn more about the Hawaiian culture.

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