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Hot Dogs from around the world, using foods from common BYUH cultures

Lumpia Dog (Philippines)

•lumpia wrap •frying oil

Wrap the dog in the lumpia wrap, use water to seal it, then fry for a crunchy adventure.

Musubi Dog (Hawaii)

•rice •rice vinegar •nori

Kahuku food trucks share signature plates and affordable dishes

All the information was provided by the managers of the individual trucks.

Da Bald Guy

Most common item:

Fried Ahi Poke Plate or the Braised Boneless Kalbi. Both of these combinations come with a special sauce.

A list of things to do at the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens

The Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden is a 400-acre rainforest garden in Kaneohe featuring free outdoor activities and isn’t well known to BYU-Hawaii students.

Opinion: Three key ways to reading well in college

As college students, reading is less about the letters and sounds we learned as children and more about learning new information. This can be difficult, especially when trying to learn abstract concepts and unfamiliar vocabulary embedded in long and complex texts.

Artists say abstract art requires understanding in order to be appreciated

The key to understanding abstract art is understanding its principles, elements, and designs, according to BYU-Hawaii Art Professor Jeff Merrill.

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