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Periscope: the new live-stream app

Released on March 26, Periscope, the live-stream app, already has people raving, and according to Yahoo Tech, “people are already streaming everything from lunches to commutes to breaking news... it’s sure got people’s attention.”

History of St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day began in Ireland but has become an American holiday associated with traditions of which people don’t know the origins.

Latest Apple gadgets include watches and new MacBook

Earlier this March, Apple announced its newest line of gadgets that include the Apple Watch and a new upgrade to its previous line of Macbooks.

Tips on eating healthy on a college budget

As students at BYU-Hawaii, there is one area that presents us with a great challenge; eating healthy. Students like Marc Gardner, a social work major from Australia, and Israel Wanoa, a sophomore in ICS from New Zealand, shared they know it is pretty hard to eat healthy as a college student.

Twitter to take action against trolls

Twitter has taken a new approach to handling cyber-bullying by expanding features to target hacking and impersonations. According to Buzzfeed, Twitter is polling users asking if any have ever experienced abuse on any social network, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

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