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Oahu’s Haunted Happenings: Zombie House, Haunted Plantation among students’ favorite Halloween activities

As America’s spookiest day of the year quickly approaches, students find themselves wondering what to do on “All Hallow’s Eve.” Some students prefer haunted houses while others prefer to do the dressing-up themselves.

The Science of Fear: What makes your heart race?

Knowing how the components of a scary movie affect the brain can help students to think about what it is that really petrifies them while they’re watching. The science behind what makes us scared is a complex question.

The Scariest Movies: Students recount horror films that frighten them the most

Creeping goblins and ghoulish creatures capture the silver screen as students watch their favorite scary movies this month. Students discussed the scariest movies they can imagine. The tantalizing excitement of being helplessly scared draws the attention of students before Halloween night.

Simple to make 'otai watermelon drink recipe

Introducing the famous Tongan watermelon drink, 'otai! You can create this concoction in no time with only watermelon, coconut milk, pineapple, and a little sugar. It's perfectly refreshing and it's easy to make!

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