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Exploring the history and uses of different Oahu lighthouses

Lighthouses are not only a navigational guide, but students said they are also great locations to take photos and enjoy nice views. The three main lighthouses found on Oahu are located at Barbers Point, Makapu‘u Point, and Diamond Head.

Avoid the crowds and snorkel with sea life at Electric Beach

Kahe Point, also known as Electric Beach, is a forgotten snorkel spot on the west side of Oahu.

MoviePass: A money saving, moviegoer experience

A subscription to MoviePass enables avid moviegoers to attend movie theaters for under $10 a month. Subscribers explain how the service enables them to save money, but how new rules and regulations have changed the way the subscription works.

The 200-year-old street food is a modern classic, according to students

Sushi, in all its shapes, colors, and sizes is a favorite treat among BYU-Hawaii students. Sushi enthusiasts attending BYUH discuss the history and why they enjoy the flavors sushi has to offer.

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