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Nutritional news for junk food junkies

The chemicals in the common, every day foods people can cause headaches, bloating, bad moods and indigestion, says an article on Yahoo Shine!

'Bacherlorette' says she didn't accept a proposal on the rebound

Never before in “The Bachelorette” or “The Bachelor” history has one of the final 3 three suitors chosen to leave the show abruptly.

Top Tweeted Moments: Beyoncé, Superbowl blackout most tweeted events ever

According to a recent technology study by National Public Radio’s Elise Hu in All Tech Considered, three of the top 20 most tweeted-about events ever occurred on February 3, 2013—Super Bowl Sunday.

What makes a video go ‘viral’?

Whatever may be contained in those few shorts minutes, viral videos are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Marketing strategists and analysts across the map are taking their best guesses as to why certain videos become viral and others barely get viewed.

Super Food Smoothie

5 minutes total to make it
2 servings

1 cup frozen mixed fruit
1 Apple or other fruit
3 leaves of Kale
1 Tbs Flax seed
½ cup vanilla coconut milk
(or any other juice you would like to add)

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