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Valentine's Day plans vary

Whether spent with family or friends, watching movies or on a date, Valentine’s Day is a day to be with the ones you love. Students at BYU-Hawaii have a wide variety of plans for this day of love.

Recipes to up your kissing game

Valentine’s Day means kisses, and kisses are best when your mouth is as fresh as possible, both inside and outside. Men and women should be conscious of their mouth for the sake of hygiene and of their kissing partner.

Young Love: Donnie and Saren

With her eyes closed, Saren Koch smiled and cooed, “His beautiful eyes are blue with a little bit of gray, like the ocean. But today he’s wearing gray so they look a little green.”

“Aw, you,” replied Donnie Winter, opening his eyes to twinkle at his girlfriend of two years.

Dating advice to girls from guys

I hear women complain often how guys don’t ask them out.

Half a century of love

After 43 years of being married and 50 years together in love, BYU-Hawaii Health Center Dr. Douglas Nielson and his wife, Madelyn, said the key to their marriage is the honor they give to the covenants of the temple and the blessings they have received from them.

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