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Girls divulge what they look for most in boys

The ladies of BYU-Hawaii shared the lists of qualities they look for in Mr. Right. The top three trending qualities included sense of humor, reliability and confidence.

Four minutes to love

Two BYU-Hawaii students sat down on Feb. 5 to stare straight into each other’s eyes and see if they could fall in love in less than an hour.

Diamonds aren't always a girl's best friend

The scene is set. Underneath a swaying palm tree, the boyfriend bends down on one knee, and with a smile, he pulls out a little black box. Opening it and asking a few words, the girlfriend replies yes, and he puts the ring on her finger.

Down on one knee: proposal stories

Married couples always remember the moment they agreed to marry each other, whether it has been 50 years or two.Usually, this happens when one person formally proposes to the other, but not always.

The Friend Zone and you

The friend zone is a confusing, yet all-too-common, place single students find themselves in.

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