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Animated files on the rise in art world

The Internet has become the intangible grounds for a new medium of art to flourish and develop: the GIF.

Narcissism & Social Media: I love me, I love me not

BYU-Hawaii students shared their opinions on the connection between social media and narcissism.

The Top 5 Must-Have Sports Apps: Apps essential for sports fans at home or on the go

Stay up to date with all the latest sports news and highlights with these essential sports apps for your phone or tablet

1. ESPN ScoreCenter

Finding Pinspiration’: Food, Clothes and Crafts are Most Pinteresting

Spending hours on Pinterest looking at food, clothes and crafts is a common way for BYU-Hawaii college students to procrastinate their homework or relax after a hard day.

Selfies: Self-Portraits of the 21st Century

Since the start of Myspace back in 2003, people across the map—mainly young adults— have found themselves stumbling upon a new territory of photography called “selfies” a reinvented self-portrait made capable through camera phones and social media.

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