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The Friend Zone and you

The friend zone is a confusing, yet all-too-common, place single students find themselves in.

Oscar nominations not diverse

Although last year’s Academy Award’s best picture recognized black filmmaker Steve McQueen for his production of 12 Years a Slave, this year’s nominations are exclusively white.

Sugar truths

Shocked by the amount of added sugar in their favorite snacks, BYU-Hawaii said they were going to be more mindful about what they are eating.

EDM drops into mainstream

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is beginning to surge to the frontlines of the music industries as the sounds of synthesizers and bass are taking over the music charts.

Looming shortage to hit chocolate eaters wallets

Chocolate is running out, said information from Barry Callebaut, one of the largest chocolate producers in the world, and Mars, Inc., the company that produces Milky Way and M&Ms, the world’s largest chocolate company.

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