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Taylor Swift takes her music off Spotify

Taylor Swift decided to break up with Spotify, reports E news online, “and it doesn’t look like the two will get back together. Like, ever.”

Time for a road trip: Tips to planning your getaway

Cheap Vacations are within your reach
Use these tips to make your road trip affordable

5 apps for greater productivity

Life Organized on Your Phone
Using these 5 apps can increase productivity and efficiency

Meal tips and tricks

Whether you’re a hardworking and malnourished academic or a hungry beach bum enrolled in classes, BYU-Hawaii students can have a hard time eating cheap and healthy foods. The Ke Alaka’I has tips to help you make quick and healthy meals with the limited funds of a college student.

Famous people with the last name Black or White

Actress, TV personality, and animal activist, Betty White made her TV debut in 1939 and did radio shows in the 1940s. Working in Hollywood in the 1950s, she became one of the few women to have creative control behind the camera, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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