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Iron Man 3: New film released breaks the box office

Iron Man 3 racked in $174.1 million in the opening weekend at the box office, as local viewers gave Marvel’s third installment of the Iron Man series positive reviews.

Pirates have become part of pop culture, no longer dastardly

What was once the troublesome scum of society are now the embodiment of free will in American pop culture, topped with an indie fashion sense.

Recipe: Make this Easy Rice Pudding

Easy rice pudding recipe

Make your own sweet treat from leftover rice.

Prep. Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 2 people
Reference: Family recipe

Work It Out: How to stay summer slim

With a proper work-out plan and commitment, students can stay fit for the summer, says students and the university conditioning coach.

Recipe: Make Arroz con Leche out of things in your cupboard

Make an authentic Mexican rice pudding dessert with ingredients that are commonly used in Hawaii. All you need is white rice, milk, and a cinnamon stick to make a delicious dessert that is easy to make in just a few minutes.

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