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Iphone six released

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sold a combined total of over 10 million models, said Apple in a press release Sept. 22.

U2 gives away free albums on itunes

The world famous band, U2, gave away their newest album, “Songs of Innocence”, to all iTunes users on Sept. 9. According to Apple’s Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, Apple gave over 500 million iTunes users the free album.

Man posts song lyrics on FB, is arrested

A Kentucky man was arrested in late August after posting violent song lyrics on Facebook. He was in jail eight days before being released.

The world remembers Robin Williams

Robin Williams, a household name and beloved comedian, passed away on Monday Aug. 11. Leaving a legacy of laughs and generations of smiles, Robin Williams will be greatly missed by all those who worked with him and anyone who watched his movies.

Facebook Messenger App creates controversy

The new Facebook Messenger app has been creating a stir on social media after a Huffington Post article allegedly exposed the app’s Terms and Service agreement went viral last week.

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