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Simple to make 'otai watermelon drink recipe

Introducing the famous Tongan watermelon drink, 'otai! You can create this concoction in no time with only watermelon, coconut milk, pineapple, and a little sugar. It's perfectly refreshing and it's easy to make!

New watch claims to estimate when you'll die

There’s a new watch on the market that claims it can predict the time you are going to die down to the nearest second, reports Mail Online. BYU-Hawaii students said while the idea is intriguing, they think it is also unsettling.

#Hashtags - trendy or annoying?

The online and social media tidal wave known as Twitter has spread microblogging far and wide and with it contextual clues known as hashtags.

Students reveal their top 5 Netflix TV show picks

As most BYU-Hawaii students do not have TVs or cable in their homes, students turning to Netflix, an on-demand media service provided through the Internet, for their entertainment. Movies are a main attraction to Netflix, but most students said television series are what they watch most.

10 reasons to see the world while you’re young: Local residents and students share insights on traveling

Find someone older than you and ask him or her, “What is one thing I should do while I am young?” One of the answers you will get most frequently is to travel. So go now while you still can. It will only get harder to travel with a family and career responsibilities.

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