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Vine, Videos Go Viral: Quick clips give users 6.5 seconds of Fame

With the advent of the latest mainstream app, Vine, short videos can go viral as fast as ever, giving the chance for anyone to get their “15 minutes of fame”.

@the TweetBeat: News channels worldwide share breaking news through Twitter

Twitter has become a breaking news source to users as news channels like CNN, CNBC, USA Today, and ABC News all have Twitter accounts to update people with the latest news stories.

The Tinder Games: Everything you need to know about the TINDER app

Earlier this year, Tinder took the United States by storm and now thousands of people around the world are using the newest tool in online dating to meet possible matches. Tinder finds matches based on the user’s location, letting them scroll through other user’s profile pictures.

Snapchat: Popular app connects users through 10 seconds of awkward faces and hand-drawn creations

Snapchat, an app that allows users to send pictures, videos, and add text and drawings, is considered one of the most popular and widely used apps in today’s social market.

Instagram Tips

  • Best day of the week is Sunday but most people post on Thursday.
  • Best time to post a video is 9 p.m. -8 a.m.

  • Don’t post three similar photos in a row.

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