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Car Break Downs: Be smart and safe

For BYU-Hawaii students, having a car seems the most ideal form of transportation around the island, but when a vehicle breaks down, it can feel like a nightmare.

Muffin Recipe: Homemade on-the-go breakfast

Skip the Seasider muffins and make your own. Spend 30 minutes on a weekend to bake muffins you can enjoy all week.

Prep. Time: 30 minutes
Reference: Family recipe

BYUH students advise on cheaper dates ideas

There is a connotation that dating is an expensive activity and many shy away from it because of the price. Here are some ideas of some dates around the Island that are cheap but still fun.

Recipe: Strawberry Zabaglione

Making a special dessert for Valentine's Day can be fun and delicious. Try this simple custard with strawberries for you and your loved one.

Recipe: Vanilla Cupcakes

Making a dessert for a Valentine’s party or for a special someone can be a wonderful experience for the month of love. Here is an easy Valentine’s dessert to let someone know how much you care.

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