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In 1992, native Hawaiian sisters Napua Kalama Baker and Theresa Meyers Ducret both held important positions at BYU-Hawaii and within the Laie community. Working together, the two helped build strong, lasting relations between the University and its surrounding community. Recruiting students internationally, being a voice for the Laie community and becoming the very first female vice president of any Church Educational System school are just a few of the accomplishments these sisters have achieved.
The two-story, Victorian-styled Lanihuli Home was an iconic structure of old Laie, local residents expressed. In its 60 years of existence, the home served as mission headquarters, a place for prophets and temple guests to visit, a medical unit for the Army during WWII and lastly, a female dormitory.
Children of the late Charles K.C. Goo, owner of the original Old Plantation Store, said it was the Lord who led their family to Laie when their father was called upon to open a store for the students of the Church College of Hawaii. K.C. Goo owned and operated the Old Plantation Store for 31 years.
BYUH alumnae, retiree sisters share how they have seen McKay’s prophecy fulfilled
The Lanihuli Home, a place of gathering and refuge to visitors and residents of Laie
The Goo family recall memories of Goo's Old Plantation Store and their father’s charitable work
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In his April 2017 General Conference address, President Russell M. Nelson, leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said, “Disciples of Jesus Christ learn to stand out, speak up and be different from the world.” Students at BYU–Hawaii said by keeping the school’s dress and grooming standards, they can achieve that goal.
BYU-Hawaii Chinese students not able to return home for Chinese New Year, say despite being away it is still a symbol of celebration, and the holiday connects people no matter where they are in the world.
The annual Ho’omaika’i Employee Appreciation Awards recognized valued employees for their hard work, selfless dedication, and love for their job and the University. The awards given were to honor employees who “demonstrate a high degree of commitment to the University, its mission and values,” according to the BYU–Hawaii website.
BYU–Hawaii alumnus and the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar West Stake President Tserennyam Sukhbaatar advised students to find mentors and learn from them. He said he wants to “help others to raise their bars and change the world to be a better place.”
The creation of BYU–Hawaii was envisioned by President David O. McKay 100 years ago on Feb. 7, 1921 at a flag raising ceremony at the Laie Elementary School. At the groundbreaking and dedication of the Church College of Hawaii, later BYUH, President McKay said, “This is the beginning of the realization of a vision I saw 34 years ago when one morning ... I witnessed a flag raising ceremony by students of the Church school … in Laie,” according to the foundational speech on BYUH’s website.
BYU–Hawaii has implemented saliva-based PCR COVID-19 testing, known as Seasider Testing, which is free and available for BYUH ohana. Students and faculty shared missing weekly testing has consequences such as withheld pay or talking with a supervisor, but getting tested will help the school return to possibly holding normal classes for the Fall 2021 Semester.
BYU–Hawaii professors, Rebekah Strain and Ann Springer, say nature provides for them a much-needed escape from life’s distractions. Reconnecting with nature and viewing the world from the top of a mountain, Strain said, helps her to see problems from a new perspective and has given her peace, solace and healing.
Kelly Martínez normally works nights as a security officer at BYU–Hawaii, so the pandemic had not affected the level of human interaction she has at work, she said. However, during a recent day shift, she was shocked by the silence.
Kiaran Loefke, a fall 2020 BYU–Hawaii alumna and former Give & Take employee, said she has a passion for organizing things. Her coworkers shared how her efforts to organize and elevate the Give & Take has blessed the school and community members.