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Being cast into the Book of Mormon video series is spiritually rewarding, says students

Graphic by Lynne Hardy

According to, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is producing Book of Mormon videos, similar to the Bible videos. Production began in 2017 and currently, the Books of Mosiah and Alma are being filmed. Students from BYU-Hawaii said they have been cast for shoots in the Hawaiian Islands.

Samuel Tobon, a sophomore majoring in business management from Colombia, said being cast in the Book of Mormon video series made by the Church is an honor and blessing.       

“It’s bringing the scriptures alive. These videos will be around for years, and to be a part of this experience, even if it is just a small role, is a great opportunity.”

According to Tobon, filming for the Books of Mosiah and Alma will take place from June 11 to 22 in Kaua'i.

Veronica Davis, a sophomore majoring in communications from Oahu, shared how much of a blessing it is to be a cast member. “Reading the scriptures and imagining how we can bring it to life is amazing and a testimony builder. This is going to be a great experience. It’s going to be very spiritually rewarding. To think that one day, my kids will see this in Seminary is really cool.”

Being cast into the series

Tobon said of the roles available and preparing for the series, “They were looking for people for smaller roles and extras. In our audition tapes, we were asked to send a video recording of us saying a few lines. We had help from some professors and used some resources here to prepare our applications.”

According to Tobon, emails were sent out informing people of their casting. “There are several people here at school who have been accepted. We have been asked in the emails to stay spiritually fit. We have been encouraged to read these scriptures and understand how important this is.”

Mark Maslar, a freshman from California majoring in vocal performance, said, he both has a passion for acting the gospel so it is special to combine the two. He added he feels really grateful and blessed for this opportunity.

The application process

Tobon said he learned of the opportunity through his involvement in the school musical last semester. “Kristl Densley, a professor came to us and said the casting director asked her to tell her students that a Book of Mormon video series is being made and that her students should audition. We were given a link and were encouraged to apply.”

Davis said she heard about the opportunity through her involvement in the school musical last semester. “Our director encouraged us all to apply. I thought there might be a chance if I just apply. I was also able to help other students prepare their auditions.”

Maslar added, “I saw posters around school and that got me interested in it. I knew it would be filmed here in Hawaii so I thought I would have a chance.

“When I was looking at the posters, I saw a link and followed it to find postings for different roles and how to apply. We were told to prepare a few pictures and we were given a few lines to recite in a video.”

Writer: Will Krueger