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BYUH students said they’re successful by establishing daily routines that help them balance busy schedules

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Making deliberate choices every day can become a routine that improves your life and your future, BYU–Hawaii students explain.

According to London Castellano, a sophomore from California studying biology, having a daily routine is a way for her to keep organized, schedule her time and make meaningful memories, despite her busy life as a student.

She said, “When I feel stressed, I try to create a calendar and set designated times for doing each thing on my list. That makes me feel better because I have a set time to accomplish my tasks if I’m feeling overwhelmed.”

The importance of daily routines

Natalia Horito, a senior from Utah studying social work, also expressed having a routine helped her stay on top of her small business, take care of her mental and physical health, and continue her studies. She launched her small business in November of 2020, ShopSuess, because she had a passion for making jewelry that is both cost effective and beautiful.

Even though Horito has a busy schedule, she said prioritizing her health, both mentally and physically, is a way for her to take care of herself while sticking to a routine. She explained, “My health is really important to me, and it helps me feel a lot better, mentally and emotionally, when I have a good routine. When I work out, eat well and get enough sleep, it helps me get through the day.”

Castellano said her daily life consists of waking up at 6:30 a.m., working out, coming home to do homework and then off to her job. After a day’s work is done, she usually makes dinner with her husband and spends the night winding down for an early bedtime.

She expressed her days are usually planned out so she can accomplish all of her tasks. Castellano said, “Working out every day and working on my homework at certain times helps me stay organized.”

A typical day for Horito includes working out, attending her co-op at the Kahuku Medical Center, doing school work and managing her online business. She said if she’s not doing her school work or at her co-op, she is most likely working on her small business.

She said, “I try to get myself to go outside whenever I can because I know it’s good for me. I don’t get to do that every day but when I can, it really does help me.”

Horito said it’s also important to have a good relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. She explained that knowing Heavenly Father has a plan for her, allows for her to have peace and comfort as she goes throughout her daily routine.

She expressed, “The most important thing is taking time to read my scripture and say my prayers daily. I know that as long as I’m doing those things, I’ll have a good relationship with Christ and God and everything else in my life will work out.”

According to the Forbes article, “10 daily habits that can actually change your life,” adding time into your day to read and expand your mind are great ways to improve your daily routine. The article states that not only is it a great way to gain knowledge, it is also proven to help with sleep and creativity.

Seeing God’s hands

For Castellano, motivation is found in her home. She said she accomplishes most of her school work in her home due to the pandemic. She said, “I actually don’t mind online school since I have more free time, but school is definitely harder. I do have a lot more time, and my schedule is a lot more open to work and to do different things.”

Horito said a place that gives her the most peace is at the Laie Hawaii Temple where she is reminded that God is with her.

She added allowing herself to celebrate the little successes throughout the day helps her stay motivated. She said, “When I have little success, I remind myself that God has had a hand in all of that, and I always remember to thank Him for those blessings.”

Managing daily stress

Horito explained that as a social work major, she learned about the importance of self-care, which she incorporates into her daily schedule. She emphasized that for her, self-care is at the gym lifting weights.

She expressed, “I’ve been in love with going to the gym for a long time now. I’m not trying to say that I’m this big buff girl that lifts all this heavy weight, but it’s a good place for me and my mental health.”

Horito explained self-care and daily routines are different for anyone, and some things might work better for some than others. She said self-care can come in many forms, like hiking, going to the beach or even watching Netflix. What’s important is that people are relaxing and finding peace within their busy schedules.

Castellano said she manages her stress by relaxing with her friends at the beach or spending time with her husband at home. She also expressed she would like to add more fun into her schedule in order to have more relaxing and calm moments in her daily life.

She said, “Routines help me be productive. Knowing that I have whatever it is makes me grind on what I have slotted for that time.”