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BYUHSA elections will be hybrid

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In response to student surveys regarding the format of the upcoming Brigham Young University-Hawaii Service Association elections, the current BYUHSA presidency has launched a new election system. During a Q&A session on March 5, current President Marc Gardner, said, “We’re going with a hybrid system.” This year’s BYUHSA Presidential elections will be in two parts, he said. First, all applicants will be screened and interviewed. From there the top two to four contestants will go on to campaign and be voted on by the student body. A campaigning event will be held in the Aloha Center during elections where candidates will have booths. This will give students the opportunity to meet their future leader. In the last six months, the BYUHSA Presidency has been creating, distributing, and evaluating a survey, asking students how they would want the next election to be run, said Gardner. A total of 627 students took the survey, reported Vice President Sery Kone. The surveys found 29 percent of students wanted to elect the president by strictly voting for them, 11 percent felt the presidency should just be appointed, 54 percent wanted to see both strategies implemented. Gardner said, “We want to see students more involved in the process...we’re trying to give power to the students to be leaders within themselves.” According to BYUHSA, about 500 students vote in each election. Gardner said he hopes the new change in the election process will produce greater student turnout on voting day. Once the president is elected, two vice presidents will be appointed for their roles, he said. Unlike the president, the vice presidents are not elected into office. Gardner said BYUHSA decided to appoint the vice presidents rather than elect them because the vice president positions are tough and require candidates to have enough experience to accomplish what needs to be done. Appointing them helps ensure the best qualified candidates are selected for the position.If you’re interested in running for BYUHSA president, applications are available at the front desk of the Aloha Center. Some qualifications to run are: • Maintain good honor code standing • 3.0 GPA each semester • Must be an enrolled student • Extensive leadership experience
Writer: Ali Apgood