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Cafeteria creativity: Students share what they cook up using Caf food


When asked about their own Caf food creations, BYU-Hawaii student’s opened up about personal go-to Caf recipes. Aaron Shields, a business major from Utah, suggested spicing up your waffles a bit. “Cinnamon in the waffle batter; I started that,” he said. Including a dash of cinnamon or applesauce to your waffle batter can add a delicious spin to your meal. Kyla Greening, a Pacific Island Studies major from New Zealand, has another way to modify those plain, boring waffles. She simply added a smear of strawberry cream cheese to the top and covered them in maple syrup. Waffles are a great snack option, but if you’re looking for other dessert suggestions, here are some other ideas. Sam Brieden, a bio-chemistry major from Michigan, said one of his favorite Caf treats is homemade Orange Julius. “Start out with half a cup of vanilla ice cream, and then add orange juice before mixing them together,” said Brieden. There are lots of options and new things to try when it comes to the Caf, but here’s a list of students favorites.• Add BBQ sauce to a grilled cheese sandwich before putting it in the grilled cheese maker. • Try cream cheese and cucumbers on your bagels.• Put a spoonful of peanut butter in a cereal bowl before adding cereal and milk.• When tuna is available, add it to a salad. • Mix orange juice and apple juice together for a refreshing new drink option. • Create some heavenly chocolate milk with a little vanilla soy milk, chocolate soy milk, and topped off with skim milk.• Add a nice spin to your PB&J by grilling it in the grilled cheese maker. (Actually adding cheese is not recommended.)• When chicken is offered as an option, shred it and make a chicken sandwich or salad.
Writer: Ali Apgood