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Campus Comment: How has working at BYU–Hawaii helped you gain a better sense of gratitude in your life?

Kathy Pulotu, Yin Beus, Scott Springer and Jonathan Shute pose for portrait photos with a white background.

Kathy Pulotu

Pulotu, an institutional research & assessment manager, said, “It has helped me see how much Heavenly Father loves His children from all over the world ... That’s from 15 years of observing.

"He loves us, and He has provided this place that somehow, with its size and its challenges, it works. It’s a miracle to me.”

Yifen Beus

Beus, a professor and dean in the Faculty of Arts & Letters, said, “I am grateful for having the opportunity to work as a faculty member here. Being able to teach students from different backgrounds ... is a very fulfilling endeavor.

"In particular, I am delighted to see students treat their education here not only as a springboard toward future employment but also as a laboratory to explore.

"They seize the opportunities to learn and ‘taste’ different disciplines that will help them become life-long learners and develop talents and passions for activities that will help them contribute meaningfully to their immediate and their larger communities.

"Seeing students accomplish these aspects of learning and living, in turn, helps me to want to be better at mentoring and helping them succeed. Learning to love and loving to learn are two inseparable activities to both teachers and students.”

Scott Springer

Springer, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Business & Government, said, “I am most grateful to be working with such high caliber students. I have taught at several universities, and the students of BYU–Hawaii are the best I have ever worked with.”

Jonathan Shute

Shute, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education & Social Work, said, “My sense of gratitude has greatly increased as I have been part of BYU–Hawaii over many years – as a student here 30 years ago, and as a faculty member.

"I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know many wonderful students from ethnically diverse places around the world ... I have been blessed through my work at BYUH to be associated with many of the students, teachers and principles at the Church schools ... The entire endeavor of the work that goes into educating these wonderful youth in the Pacific, the selfless service provided by these missionaries and the long hours of work done by the principals and teachers, have all combined to strengthen my sense of gratitude.

"My gratitude has increased the most over many years from knowing that our Savior, Jesus Christ, makes all things possible. All our lives are connected through the power and mercy of Jesus Christ.”