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Campus Comment: #TheDress

dress cc.jpg

#TheDress became the number one trending topic across most feeds this last week. The controversy of whether a dress is black and blue, or white and gold, has gained attention with students at BYU-Hawaii, who shared what color see the dress to be. Beck Whitmore, a junior majoring in biology from Utah, said, “Black and purple.”Brandon Benavides, a freshman majoring in accounting from New Zealand, said, “White and gold.”Caitlyn Cody, an undeclared sophomore from Utah, said, “Obviously white and gold.”Ema Moala, a senior majoring in elementary education from Tonga, said, “White and gold.”Stacy Chen, a senior majoring in social work from Taiwan, said, “Blue and black.”Cameron Tidwell, a junior majoring in international cultural studies from Arizona, said, “Gold and white.”Uploaded March 5, 2015
Writer: Alyssa Troyanek